Terms & Conditions of Use

Fair- Xchanges allows Customers to order Products or Gift Cards, for their relatives residing in Cameroon. As soon as the payment of the order is confirmed, the Gift Card (s) is automatically converted into an invoice with a unique number and sent to the Buyer and Recipient via email.

The unique invoice Number shall provide the recipient with the following options.

  1. Order products from our online shop ( if you choose this option, make sure to contact us in advance to activate your invoice number.
  2. Request immediate cash payment equivalent to the face value of the Gift Card but paid in local currency and taking into account the exchange rate at the time of request and transfer
  3. Finance part of your fees at the Institute of Applied Technology in Douala and benefit up to 10% fees discount.
  4. Take Items or Products of your choice from the Supermarkets of our Partners

If you choose option 4, then you have to present yourself in person with a valid identification Document and the Invoice you got from Fair-Xchanges or from your sender. The Partners Shops or Supermarkets include:-

  • Supermarket Santa Lucia, with branches all over Douala and Yaounde.
  • Supermarket Njeiforbi Complex Buea with branches all over Cameroon
  • Enttrad Supermarket located in Molyko Buea
  • Emjay´s Supermarket located in Buea

The Account is strictly personal, and therefore cannot be shared with a third party.

Orders are performed in Euros, which is the legal tender in the EU Zone. If the Customer does not resides in a country where the Euro is a legal tender, kindly contact your Bank for details. To place an order, it is imperative to first read the Steps here

  • Note: Ordering of Gift Cards is set to option 2 by default