Steps to Purchase Gift Cards & Shipping Prices


  1. Click here to access the Gift Cards
  2. Use the +/- Button to increase or decrease the value you want your recipient to be credited with.
  3. Click on the Add to Cart Button and if need be, scroll down to related Products and repeat steps 1 and 2 to add a different Card values
  4. Go to your shopping Cart and proceed to checkout
  5. Billing address is the Sender address
  6. Make sure the * ship to different address* Box is checked, then enter your shipping/Delivery address
  7. Shipping address is your Recipient´s address
    • Country: Cameroon
    • Street Address: Any Name will do
    • State/Country: Any Region in Cameroon e.g Central Region
    • Post/ Zip Code: Any Combination of 5 Numbers e.g 12345
  8. Check the “Create Account Checkbox” and create an Account to facilitate future deliveries ( optional)
  9. IMPORTANT!!: Please also make sure to enter your Recipient´s Mobile Money Account Number.
  10. Next, select your method of payment and click the order Button


  1. You can only buy the Gift Cards for a maximum of €1.500,00 per Order
  2. Fair Xchanges will not be held liable for uncompleted or delayed transactions stemming from input of incorrect mobile money phone Numbers
  3. All deliveries are expected to be completed within a maximum of 24hrs after we receive confirmation of your payment. There can be a delta delay between the time the delivery is done and the time we receive notification of your payment